the manhatten -> berlin connection

... got my email read on the CBC Radio2morning show, today,
I was "Joe from Dearborn Hts." and said that as to whether
"Mad Men's" Don Draper was cooler than Leonard Cohen,....

me: I think they should team up, and then
"first we'll take manhatten, and then we'll take Berlin
(I was humming it, see below)

... I was flattered my thought made it out to the external world
because it is sort of non-sensical sentence, to be honest.
... yet to my amazement, it had poetic appeal
.... but I must relate the inner workings of my mind,
and the synchronistic, and sometimes serendipitous ways things work out.
Only then, may I be truly misunderstood. :-)

Ok, here goes.

... I wake up at 3 in the morning ( have odd farmer hours :-) ),
and its the best time to watch tv... PBS has all their specials
on repeats, and ABC has funny news interns on. ;-)

So I turn on PBS and its a fund raiser time showing of Cohen's
cd, and he is ending with a rollicking version of
"First we'll take manhatten and then we'll take Berlin".
.... oooh, the chorus girls were so right on

... so now, I'm subconciously humming that chorus as I sweep
floors, and hear Bob Mankowitz's ( the show host ) , put out
the vote call on Draper vs. Cohen..... who is cooler?
...which he prefaced by relating how he got hooked on Mad Men after one episode
... I love the show too, so my interest was piqued.....

... I thought why do men compete against one another? why not cooperate?
(like share January Jones .... please ;-) )
... and thus the email.

...but now that the synchronistic events had occurred, the serendipitous
was also invoked. If you analyze the "Draper rules in Manhatten and Cohen
rules in Berlin" assertion, there are some odd poetic waves sweeping
thru me, that go beyond pure luck, into some sort of Time magic.....
I wonder what the lyrics to that song mean?

I can see the stage show and props. The chorus could dress up like
the mad men secretaries, then when in Berlin rip them off live on stage,
to liven up the act.
Draper could air play a guitar or better yet, learn to rap.
(...naw, Draper would stay backstage screwing the best looking groupies)
still searching

.....well that is my mind, and I better go back and check spelling....

P.S. I want to be January Jone's new zen friend, ( a beat nick type ), who
shares with her the wonders of the kama sutra.... I can't help but lust
after that character, but then again, that is what keeps me on earth :-)

P.S. I'm just surfing that big Time wave thru here....


2009 by zentara