the transcript of my debriefing by God, to what earth felt like

... how can I write a transcript of a future event you ask?
.....simple, its already happened, so I better type it down,
.....while I still can. :-)

G: I thought humans would have liked Eden? Ok space commander zentara,
start your summary.

thanks G, I will preface this by saying the original intent of my trip
was to be a channel back to you, as to what it means to "feel" thoughts...
.... its obvious to us, humanity's mistake of trying to make their
own magic .... but ... they are stuck in it now.

.... this problem they have of getting feelings, and
letting them control their lives is causing havoc in what should be
a wonderful paradise of babylonian style water gardens. ... stuff like
greed , jealosy, etc. are issues, which if you remember, was the reason
for their expulsion from your backyard.

I also must thank you, for requiring the earth goddess, to show
courtesies to me... she has been an invaluable addition to my sanity.

... aahhh, the goddess....and the kama seems G, that
most things on earth is run on a game of sexual politics, and the goddess
has this con-game of desire and lust, which seduce men into maintaining
... although there is this weird feeling called love, in which men
actively seek women to make offspring with, to act as next links
in the DNA chain which stretches thru Time.... such true honor
is pretty much gone.... failed pairings abound leaving people
with more problems with their feelings.

....which brings us to the kama sutra
.... since real love like that(camelot marriages) don't happen nearly often enough,
the goddess designed a plan, to make people desire intimacy and is so wired into us, that even if true love
is not found, people will sometimes spontanously copulate with
other lonely humans, and the various DNA strands get passed forward to
the next generation, as it's called..

... and that brings me to the number one feeling on earth, the fear of death
.... you can't believe how frightened people are ...
.... they all are scared shitless they might die.... and face the spirit world.

... death is still brutally blind to race creed, religion, species, etc,
..... just as you designed it.... so that no one soul could enjoy prosperity
..... for too long, as well as no soul will suffer for too long
..... their life span is generally just long enough to test their soul's true intentions
..... this was very wise on your part, as there is a vast majority
..... who suffer greatly, and need the relief of death.

.... so thats the skinny G... on earth it's sex and death which drive the
people to seek new links for their DNA.... the rest is just consequences
of that drive. ....

.... and if I may say, the male orgasm is really something to experience
.... you should go down there and check it out

naw... can't trust humans
By the way, space commander, how did you get to earth?

Its simple now, with the mortal life model....
you go over to the planet Eros, and enter the hottest sex act you see,
the next thing you know, you are a baby on earth.


me: believe me G, the humans love doing it


2009 by zentara