doing hard time

.... "We are all on death row" (existential philosopher Camus ?)
... just waiting to die

... beyond that... " we are all doing hard time " ( me :-) ).....

... we are those chosen to be in the hard material world of atoms at this point in Time,
... did we choose to incarnate here, or were we sent here by God?
... God says we desire earth, so we are here.... although we are messing up the game plan
... with our human independence and arrogance
... God is so smart.... he lets us hang ourselves with our own desires

... maybe that is our original karmic crime?... being arrogant and independent-minded
in a magic world controlled by the thoughts of God ?

... so we are sent to this sandbox called earth, where we can
all learn to live properly and peacefully in the spirit world
where your thoughts become real....... we build sandcastles in
the atomic beach of reality.... and the castles get washed away
by the waves of Time, lapping the shores of earth.

P.S. You can see it in people's faces in public places and on the streets
.... they are doing hard time, and it hurts.


2009 by zentara