The Detroit Dream Cruise

...the old-timey aboriginals in Australia say that the dream world, when we
sleep is the real world, and the waking time, is when you do your duties and
chores on earth, to keep the DNA chain passed on from one generation to the next.
It's a grind that souls must take on, keep taking turns carrying the weight
......... to keep the DNA alive. we can keep on dreaming dreams( have thoughts)

So we all are on a Dream Cruise.

....anyways, synchronistically....
... this weekend had the parade(and partying) of old vintage cars
in Detroit, called the Woodward Dream Cruise

... I admit nostalgia for the old glory days of detroit too, the 60's
and 70's.

...but as weird karmic/poetic justice would have it, the weather turned from
cool and breezy, to hot, hazy, humid, heavy polluted air. No wind.
... interestingly, the pollution problem has greatly diminished now..
when I ride my bike, there are fewer and fewer air-polluting vehicles
out there. But this weekend, of all weekends, when a gazillion old gas guzlers
are roaming the streets....there is 4 days of ozone alert and "keep grandma indoors"

... yeah... the glory days of the 60's and sliderule based design. What beautiful
stuff those engineers and workers made..... we even went to the moon
on sliderule level calculations.... now, people want software packages
to do the calculations in Windows. ;-(

Oh, well....on to the future. Battery companies, electric motor
companies and rewinders/rebuilders....we will be troubleshooting
vehicles with MultiMeters, and scanning them for high field
concentrations....for the people who worry about such me :-)

....on my bike rides around the neighborhood lately, I was impressed by the
many nice cars and well flowered yards.... its a beautiful neighborhood.... I heard a health care worker say.... "life is is good".
...yeah, and after a near miss with death, I dig every moment.

.....oO( but what am I digging? life?, my own grave?, both of the above. :-) )


2009 by zentara