my apology to the pit bull

A few years ago, I ran into a a couple (mating pair) of pitbulls
... they, trying to dig in a den in my garden. .... no way, said I

... I get a machete, circle behind them, and start yelling loudly

... they jump up, startled, and start to run out of the fenced yard

... one, I presume the male, turned back and looked at me quickly,
.... and decided he would challenge me (for whatever reason?.. territory,
.... female protection, desparation of a wild dog in the city...)

... he charged me, as he got just to the point of him leaping at me,
.... I, swung the machete with a backhand motion, it hit him so hard,
.... it completely reversed his forward momentum, he backflipped over,
.... jumped up startled, looked at me quizzically, and ran off

... the pair went to another neighbor's yard, where the dog catcher nabbed them

... they escaped from a poorly fenced yard, a few blocks away

Now back to the point.... :-)
I'm afraid I may have cut the dogs ear in self defense, and I sort
of feel bad about it.... of course he was charging me. :-)

... what is the karma in that kind of encounter?

... after watching Crocodile Dundee and Mel Gibson movies, I feel
I should have been able to control the dogs better, just by sheer
animal magnetism, or something psychic, rather than brute cutting force

... the poor animals are a magnificent breed, and surely would
be ruling the streets in packs, if not controlled. So is it their
fault their habitat dissappeared?... and were brought to a human city?
Remember...they are about the only breed that will protect you from wild pigs
Successfully...anyways :-)

... so hats off to you pit bulls of the world, I'm sorry to see you turned
from wild princes of the woodlands... to bitches doing armed guard/bully duty for humans

P.S. I asked God about this karmic situation, and he said.." this ain't the garden of
eden anymore, animals are no longer under my full control ... come back to eden


2009 by zentara