I always liked the "anal-retentive" qualities ofMath.
Everything is neat and orderly, and in it's place.


A pure form of reason, to help us see,
A description of the world---- non-verbally,
The basic unit is the number one,
The building block of incredibly infinite sums.

Next comes the need for the negative unit,
Add it to a positive, and you literally ruin it,
But zero emerges from the cancellation,
Antithesis to infinity, an incredible notion.

The Integers we're good for counting sheep,
But men of science needed something more deep,
They divided into smallness-- the Rationals,
To decimal places of accuracy, very practical.

Upon this practical base, great theories arose,
And the next step came, as it goes,
Take the square root of a negative quantity,
A whole system appears that is purely imaginary.

Now the mathematician is truly free to create,
Anything and everything in the imaginary state,
Nothing in the world is beyond description,
Vector spaces describe every quantity and direction.

Intersection, Union, the geometry of Space-Time,
Were born of pure reason in the human mind,
It's a work of mental art, truly great,
A quest for order, impossible to satiate.

© copyright 1997 by zentara