....very warm and breezy day promised, riding my bike alot

...worried about the auto-magic defense far so good one has breached the inner peace.
...everything is cool according to the goddess

...this modern existence has turned into some sort of macabre
video game, where we (humans) are the targets of some insidious
spirit predators, who stalk us with weapons like accident, storm, disease,
old age, etc.
...we can buy limited protection from these weapons, and invoke angelic protection, but inevitably, we all must go in the end.

... depressing? ... not really... it just makes you enjoy
it all more.... knowing that you really don't need to worry so much
over the material world.
...maybe it is all meant as a grateful for the simple a safe place to sleep and make popcorn. :-) the old saying goes..."peasants are not afraid to die".


2009 by zentara