Bury me out on the prairie

I've been listening to this song lately on CBC Radio2 (great station)

Neil Young Lyrics - Prairie Wind album
Bury me out on the prairie. Where the buffalo used to roam.
You won't have to shed a tear for me 'Cause then I won't be far from home ...

I myself have come to the same conclusion lately... just put
me out in a tent,
(a decent prospector's wall tent, on a wooden platform)
somewhere in North Dakota....and just let me die from Nature.
It would be nice, if I was provided oats, corn , water, and cooking fuel,
until Nature takes me in a dream.

When faced with all the costs of medical care, and the terrible economy,
we need an honorable way for poor guys to die with dignity, outdoors,
....just camp until you die.

Why North Dakota? You want cool dry weather, and that state has alot
of places that are perfect to die for spiritual reasons....that are otherwise
uninhabitable. A similar state fine....but you need cool dryness.


2009 by zentara