my hipster resume

I heard a guy describe his occupation as "adventurer", and
thought cool....but how about "ex-adventurer"...because then
you would still have the stories, but wouldn't have to go doing
anymore of that risky of both worlds. :-)
(most adventuring is just like hobos, but with money )

I recently have had my life touched by the goddess of earth,
and now can call myself "courtier to the goddess", (but mostly I'm her
bitch.... her little human who needs attention in thought space.)

I love the goddess, and have found a new and great appreciation
for the females of all of our earthly species( especially human ).
Its everywhere you look...
life struggling to complete a new link in the chain of existence
in the material world. So add "stud" to my resume... :-)

Ok my rundown,
courtier and love slave to the goddess,
stud( good lithuanian I'm told, self-healing model )
not a hipster



2009 by zentara