Ying Yang, quantuum entanglement, and psychic communication.

Scientists mathemeticians and philosophers are beginning to
develop mathematical models that can model a universe of more
than 3 dimensions. (currently around 11 dimensions in their average model ?)

When we truly consider what we are: (which do you see?)
.... just animals on some dump planet, struggling to earn a living by the
sweat of your brow?

... in a mystical world of water, where water can take on life,
and be a reflection of heavenly thoughts and desires?

... some sort of 11 dimesional world, where we are perplexed
about the parts we can't see... what is soul, thought, God, magic, etc.
......... an eternal thread (your soul), is somehow temporarily
attached to a human body....these bodies are not eternal....so
we are compelled to mate, and procreate, to ensure the species
continues the nexxt link in the chain....and we must do this before
the cosmic wind blows the atoms off of our eternal thread

.....the goddess uses desire to keep us humping, .... the desires
are programmed into us....some are pure animal lust( which some say
is disgusting...others say its their reason to live :-) )
....they are hardwired into us....so don't feel guilt from them,
only pleasure, it is designed this way to keep people having


So back to the point, if these extra dimensions exist, what is happening
in them? Could it be where our thoughts and dreams exist?

....is quantuum entanglement, going on in our minds, and has been
all the time? We, in our un-self-realized states, just call it

What are your thinking, dreaming, and daydreaming? Just some
useless sh*t going on in your head? No... its your connection
with the universe.

...now the ying/yang connection.... according to many many observers,
all whole creatures have a male and female part. How you appear, depends
on which of the 2, the yang(male) or the ying(female), predominates.

If we get down to the lowest possible particle we can entangle with, will
it have a male/female component? Can pure maleness or femaleness be isolated
on a deep sub-nuclear physics level?
... maleness is supposed to be tightness and contraction
... femaleness is the opposite... openess and expansion

... maleness will contract,into the unstoppable force
... females will expand into the unmovable object that just absorbs all

... together, if properly balanced, the male/female components pulsate... the heart beat...life
...so ying/yang stuff is at the life level

... do pheronomes connect people psychically? If you are around someone
awhile, and pick up alot of their pheronomes, can the exact molecular
structure of the pheronome, be used to transmit a thought to the partner,
via some 11 dimensional thread following the pheronome back to its owner?
Like a psychic fingerprint.


When you are psychically connected, your hear and feel the other person's
thoughts and feelings.

I hear you.... but the thoughts are so intense, I need to push them
into my subconcious mind.... where I can dream about them.

...but I do hear someone in my thoughts wishing to me...I Love You


2009 by zentara