How to recognize the goddess.

Whenever, or wherever you are, if suddenly a feeling of great delight
overwhelms the room or area. Look around for the person that seems to
glow and has a light in her eyes. She may only last a millisecond,
as she pops into 3d world, to enjoy the scene. ;-)

Other telltale signs:
... a very light scent of some beautiful flower, that just makes
your back go erect, so you can rise up and see the source of the
wonderful scent.

... a feeling of mass ecstasy.

... a funny purring of joyous noise in the background, like millions
chattering under their breath, due to the subtle intensity of conciousness.


It is better to have loved in lust, than never to have loved at all?
Is that Shakespeare? ;-)

I think the squirrel, fly , and bird pheronomes are getting to me...
man (as in fellow male of whatever species),nature is having some fun today out there.
I think I saw 2 squirrels, taking turns at each other hind, nature.
@ males, 2 females, a wild-*ass male female pair...

...oops, mea culpa: the goddess said not to write in too much detail,
to protect the innocense of the squirrells.

... I was communicating with a squirrell the other day, by hand
signalling (my end) to the squirrell's tail. The squirrell would flag its
arched tail like 2 times...then stop...then if I made 2 waves
of my arched arm.... same would chirp audibly. Sometimes
1, sometimes a 2, sometimes a 3 wave. Sometimes it would let me
start, sometimes it would go first. Very polite protocol.

... see....
there is the delight of the goddess again... having fun just
thinking about making animal-2-animal contact with a squirrell.

...oh well, the goddess says its all desire, to keep the species reproducing. so ... no guilt...all pleasure...


2009 by zentara