Howdy, cuz,

Apparently ( tv documentaries, etc. ) say we are all related
at around the sixth cousin level. Mostly due to us all being
genetic descendants of 9 (? a low number anyways), females in
some ancient continent, who were the sole survivors of some planetary
disaster an eon ago.

Whats an eon, you might ask? Longer than our recorded history.

Eon, that would be a good name for a son. A big chunk of
Time captured in a body.

Been reading the kama sutra rendition, and was fascinated
by the publisher's introduction.
It said that (now paraphrased by me ), that it was understood
that there is an eternal soul. But that was to be distinquished from
human life, which exist as links in a long chain. No one body lasts
more than around 100 years( if you are lucky), and people don't
want to live long after their friends are gone.

..although I did hear of a Greek Island called Ikaria (sp?) where
the people who grow older, go off into the hills and live a life
of pure guilt-free sex with each other. It suppossedly makes them live
longer and happier.

Anyways, back to the point.... the goddess uses her aura of pure delight,
to (for lack of better words)...turn people on sexually. This is needed
to keep the species procreating at a level where earth is a good place to be.

the kama sutra is the way the gods and goddesses prefer to increase your
lusty desires.... this is all for pure pleasure....the gods figure if enough
of the pleasurable stuff gets done...enough babies get made...either
planned or unplanned.. :-)

Would you f*ck your third cousin? second cousin? first cousin? yourself? :-)



2009 by zentara