Asking the Taliban, what do they really want?

...storm coming in today, slightly ominous

...soldiers getting killed in Afgan

...maybe we should make a deal with the Taliban, to discuss
this on the public world stage. Why should we be killing one another, when
there is a perfectly good solution possible.

...the best minds of each culture, define and defend their
world view and dreams for the future.

...then let the world decide

... we should be able to peacefully co-exist, as long as you
respect our lands, people and property; as we should should respect yours.

... maybe buy the opium crop to give farmers time to convert to other
crops....maybe stockpile some world morphine in case there is a tremendous
disaster, with billions dying and needing relief.

... of course, if the trust between us was violated, we may be forced
to resort to nasty disrespectful methods of revenge

...personally, I think the way the Taliban want to live,
is quite honorable and practical in a survivalist desert situation.
... but the world is an overcrowded place now, and tribes need to cooperate
... my advice is listen to the women more, ...they want what is best for
your children... the world of gun toting violence, is no longer in the best
interest of your children.

...the Western world is pretty get fed and housed for the most part,
and the women are very entertaining. offense meant by this olive branch, but lets stop this before the hatred


2009 by zentara