My impressions of science after 8 years of technical schooling.


It all started with the logical mind,
searching for answers about space and time,
the brain's left hemisphere is what it takes,
to classify, make sense, and differentiate.

Earth, air, water, and fire was the first attempt,
to define the world into which we were sent,
the ancient need was to demystify,
thus freeing us from control by "spirits in disguise".

Then came the notion to some inquisitive man,
the world has building blocks--- like grains of sand,
a new concept---- a major discovery,
the idea of an atom occurred to a Greek.

Science was wild in those early years,
mixing logic with ancient pent-up fears,
how many angels could a pin head take?
challenge the church, and burn at the stake.

Ah- Enlightenment, the mind must be free,
Copernicus, Michealangelo, Leonardo Davinci,
the Dark Ages ended, it was a miserable time,
Reason now ruled, the light would shine.

The Ship of Discovery set full sail,
searching the world, uncovering every nail,
the pursuit of information was moving forward,
it was understood now that knowledge brought power.

Einstein, tensors, and the graviton,
started with an apple falling on Newton,
I know that it is far that I see,
I'm on the shoulders of Giants who preceeded me.

Protons, electrons, valence bands,
we've come a long way since grains of sand,
sub-nuclear knowledge is at our command too,
we are learning to dissolve all the world's glue.

Every answer generates a thousand new questions,
there are many that face our present generation,
the meaning of life, our reason to be,
once again, the ancient spirits are haunting me.

@ copyright 1997 by zentara