Hipsters, the ellipsis and your SOC's

SOC = Stream of Conciousness

...remember E.E. Cummings? Bet not.

... what does the elusive ellipsis ..... mean?

.... connect the dots

.... fill in the details yourself

.... let your imagination do the work

.... make your own assumptions
........but remember what happens when you ASSUME
.........you can make an ASS out of U and ME ( for the sixth sigma trainees :-) )

.... continue on, current train of thought complete

P.S.1 This is the hipster way of signifying a daydream ...oO(blah blah )
an ellipsis followed by 2 dreamy comic strip type o's, second one bigger than the other,
signifying going deeper into the daydream.


From the fighting the Borg dept:

Resistance is futile, its Total Impedance that counts.
(add capacitance and inductance vectorially to Resistance)

But even with great capacity and the ability to induce, impedance
may not be enough.....you then get Impudance. Ouch.
I hope that dosn't appear impudent. :-)
The best defense sometimes is a confusing offense
based on shifting e's , a's and u's.


From "The be grateful for what you got" dept.:
The good old days?
--then: die with boots on
--now: die with flip-flops on

--then: Conastoga Wagon
--now: SUV with AC

--then: Buffalo hide
--now: Storm Door ;-)

--then: fix your own broken arm with a tree stump, twine and a stick
--now: Call the EMT

--then: Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam
--now: Oh let me roam where there are Bungalo homes


From the "What_we_have_here_is_a_failure_to_communicate Dept:

(story originally heard from Molly Johnson on CBC Radio2 )
Its a baseball story about the communication between team mates,
that actually happened on the NY Yankees.

No one told me about the Yellow Tango

When a fly ball is hit to the shallow left/center outfield, there is often confusion
as to who should catch it....the outfielder charging in....or the shortstop..
who is running blind looking over his head.
So after the shortstop was run over a few times by the charging center fielder,
the non-English speaking shortstop was saved by the coach, who taught the center fielder
to yell: "Yo la tengo," Spanish for "I've got it."

Worked great.

Then one day a flyball to shallow left center occurred, and both the shortstop
and the big power hitting bruiser left fielder charged to the ball.
The left fielder won the collision. Perplexed the shortstop said:
"I yelled Yo la tengo", to which the left fielder responded
"I don't know nothing about the Yellow Tango, I wasn't in the office that day"


2009 by zentara