Who R U, my eternal love?

"I am what I am" ..... Popeye

eternal nonsexual love is my popcorn that power pops open
the mystical door of magic and the eternal unquenchable bonfire of desire for YOU.

But who R U ?
R U the hot cheerleader I knew?
R U the people who make babies, so this whole merri-go-round can continue?
R U the hard working people that keep this whole ball of wax rolling hot?

Or R U those special children of the goddess,
the sixth sigma children of the universe,
who incarnate together for a purpose
and what might that purpose be ?
just to carry on ?
there must be more
I see more in my third eye


infinitely long strands of our soul essences
dynamically spiral thru Time
like power cables that musn't touch
unless they are well insulated
bare touching creates sparks......


2009 by zentara

P.S. Oh, yeah the downside of being like Popeye:
"I live in a garbage can" .... Popeye

where are you my Olive Oil? :-)