the corn goddess, stillwater, and me

So, the last day of the visit, I said,
take me down to the river, the St. Croix river,
she did, and said you won't be dissapointed.
we drove right thru the crowd on the grassy lane on the river,
people watching the boats go by on blankets
Expensive, but not overpriced, if you know what I mean, ;-)

But I'm a poor boy,I said, take me to where the hair gets let down,
....yeah, I saw the Ice Cream Stand,
but where does the beer come in cheap pitchers?,

you have to go out....way out into the corn country.....way out
to the windy acres..... where bonfires beautifully burn,
as you drink beer ( from the rock bottom brewery)
What kind of fools are we all?
My only excuse is its easily digestible.

Oh, before I forget, does anyone remember the corn goddess,
who facilitated all of this?
the mysterious creature that saved the "injuns" from starvation.
and brought humans corn??

The story goes into what of the fabled "Happy Times", when life
was good, peaceful, and bountiful, thanks to corn.

I'm living on fresh popcorn right now, with a bit of vinegar,
and its a good food buzz. Thank you corn goddess.

I was recently visited by a corn goddess like creature,
( who am I to say who she was, but I'm talking about the corn goddess, ain't I?)
who offered me a life of "peace and happiness".....take it, or
leave it...yes/no.....right now....decide..
What is peace and happiness? and is it enough to satisfy
people....would you be content with peace and happiness?

And so I don't belabor the reader with long content
there are gorgegous long sunny days in the summer
(due to planetary alignment....blah blah , boring discussion deleted)
this is conducive to getting outside and golfing, swimming,
walking, etc. This in turn is conducive for people to mingle,
...and this idea was handed to me from my neices, and neice-wannabes :-)

From the If_You _Want_To_Know_dept:
Stillwater is where the cougars get their Vitamin D.
You can float your boat in Stillwater.
You can hit rock_bottom in Stillwater.
You can fill your sails out in the windy acres.

You can watch the cloud shapes become Jungian symbols
revealing the instantanious state of the Time wave , which we all surf..


2009 by zentara

P.S. If someone asks you if you are a Hipster.... say no!
Real Hipsters say no. :-) I heard it on the radio.