Hopefully, it was not just my imagination....running away with me.
But.... I know it probably was.... there is no hope, but I may be wrong.

To preserve dignity.... let me just call them T and A ..... :-)
(no hidden meanings implied nor intended)

I needed a vacation.... and my beautiful neice T took me in.
T has a friend, who I'll call A ... who came to visit at a pool

T will always be beautiful to me, because I psychologically see
her ..... as in my memory of her at her youthful best. ( and
she still is the cutest little cougar I've seen).

A is still very youthful, a cat, and very bright mentally.
(not implying that T is anything less ;-) )
This was good since I'm too old for her anyways.... and that brings me
to the point...... she brain-f*cked me. I connected verbally
with her.

It's more satisfying and memorable to be brain-f*cked .... it
is what really alleviates lonliness.

Best moments:
T: helping me get my socks on
A: helping me get my socks off ( unbeknownst to her ;-) )

P.S. Of course ... I hide the reality, with little white lies
...... it would be too unbearable to reveal the truth.

Why Amy with a y, and not I?
Why not I, with Amy with a Y?
And why Y, and not I?
A son?
Memories of Hormones stirring.
friendly ami Amy


2009 by zentara