It was just my imagination....running away with me.

The game of life.................

The goddess played a trick on me, but I still love her.
It's like I'm this dog, whose tail starts wagging everytime
the goddess comes around to play with me. If the goddess plays
a little trick, like fake throwing the stick, I fall for it.
But I forget fast, because the feeling I get from her, is so good,
I will do anything for her.
Compared to the goddess, I'm just like a dog.....but I know that just
as any dog can outsmart his master, I can eventually outsmart
the goddess. The goddess is not God....shes only in charge of earth.

Didn't Bill Withers say.."if it feels this good being used,
then better use me up." it too impolite to ask the goddess if I can hump her
leg before she meanders off to things of greater interest to her? :-)

....UPDATE( next day )....the goddess informs me that I need a mother,
not a wife. :-)


2009 by zentara