A message for humans, courtesy of God:
......a defintion of what the anti-christ really is.

God: Remember Jesus? ... and all the sins (bad karma) he took
from the human race?

Well, he didn't really realize what he was doing
(I warned him about humans and what happened in the garden)

Anyways, he dosn't know what to do with all the sin karma, up here in heaven.
There is no place to work it out up here.
It kind of bogs him down with misery, and to be honest I'm tired
of listening to him complaining.

So....after much discussion, we decided that all the bad sin karma
would be returned to the human race on earth.
Guess is who is returning it ?.....thats right.

In the future, it would be preferrable, if humans
would bear your own karma.....to avoid this sort of

Please, don't misunderstand my intentions.....the
coming karma is just being returned to it's rightful originators.

Remember, Jesus only fixed the Original Sin.....
not all the bullsh*t thats going on now.


2009 by zentara