The Society of Free Thinkers

I don't want to argue over little details, like the spelling of Buddha, or whether Jesus was the son of God, or just a prophet, or the Blessed Virgin Mary stuff. Those are fine as evidence of past/current beliefs; but what I want now is for people to express what they see in their own deepest minds.

Considering our present sub-atomic knowledge of space and Time,
and the invisible forces which seem to control our lives,
what do people see nowadays? Invisible greek gods? Plasma creatures
of immense energy living in the sun and magma of planets?

I tend to see an invisible set of nested universes (so to speak),
with creatures in the lower material universes (like us), are
being tended to by creatures of a higher order than us. Sort of like
spirit people.

We evolve from the ocean( water breathing ), to air breathing, to
spirit breathing.

We are like this little crop of spirit-wannabes. The gods tend the
spirit gardens, and try to get us to flower in the spirit world.
Many rules help you learn the way....the rules are all built-in to
your subconcious and you shall find it.

You ultimately walk the journey alone,
but the one God is in all of us, helping us find the way.
Sometimes God only comes out to help if you are screaming for it.
The scream can even be an overwhelming thought, which hits the level
of psychic event.

Anyways, if suitable land ever presents itself, I want to setup
a monastic style retreat for the free thinkers.

I think the gods want to gather the people together
that understand the concept.

We could finance it by video taping discussions between free thinkers of different persuations.

Of course....only pure vegetarian diets allowed, except
for donated wild game. ;-)

P.S. I used to be an altar boy at Roman Catholic masses,
maybe that is why I always wanted my own religion.


2009 by zentara