What drives a man from rationality?
The quest for the answer of our reason to be,
The meaning of life goes beyond pure reason,
To see the whole, you must be a man for all seasons.

For building a comfortable world, logic is fine,
But to see life's mystery, our mind needs to span time,
In life's sequence of events, the secret unfolds,
The power is there for us to control.

The mystic must meditate and think alot,
His struggle is to untangle the Gordian Knot,
Infinite events merge in synchronicity,
A complex scenario to fathom completely.

To dissolve and reconstruct space and time,
The mind must struggle not to cross the line,
One step too far takes you over insanity's ledge,
The mystic must walk the Razor's Edge.

Some men will not give up the right to dream,
A soul that flies high is life's cream,
That special insight brings such jubilation,
Total access to all of God's creation.

The mystic's curse is to bear the truth,
And often the world appears corrupt and uncouth,
It takes all kinds to make the world go around,
Some fly high, others keep their feet on the ground.


© copyright 1997 by zentara