Poor Little Bunnies.

I was listening to the Tom Allen show on CBC Radio2 called Music and Company,
and he told a human interest story about some bunny rabbit infestation
on some college campus.
A wise campus professor wanted to trap all the bunnies and sterilize
them as a solution....very good.
But.... game regulations prevented the do-gooder from holding
the rabbits more than 24 hours. To hold them more than 24 hours,
would make it a university research project; and the university
did not want to risk the wrath of PETA
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), with such a research
So......back to the original plan....blow the bunnies up with
traps equipped with propane powered cannons. :-)
Some device they have for killing gophers.

From the Mea Culpa Dept: I am guilty of slaughtering bunnies.
I was living in a tipi in the arctic in Alaska... a place
called Bettles Field. They called me "tipi joe".

When the spring thaw came, I wanted to get on high ground
to avoid the mud and muck; so I moved my tipi up the
hillside, from the frozen swamp I was on.
I thought I outsmarted nature...but no. It was very hot
baking on the hillside, and perfect breeding conditions for
no-see-ums and mosquitos.
So in order to get positive ventilation in my tipi, I lifted
it up higher on the poles, and wrapped the bottom open area
with cheap fiberglass insect netting.
Well the rabbits in the area, thought the netting was the tastiest
thing they ever ate, and proceeded to eat holes in my netting.
This resulted in me being covered in no-see-ums and mosquitos.

So, I set some cruel leg traps around my tent to snag them.
It worked, but they wouldn't die right away....they would cry
and scream like babies, and I had to hit them with a club
to silence them.

To this day, it is what I feel most sorry for, and worry
how I will explain it to God.

I saw the movie "The Snow Walker" yesterday. Great movie.

I often figured I would just eat the rabbits, to make peace with nature,
(don't kill anything unless you eat it, or in self-defense.),
but was more worried about catching tuleremia, or something. So they
were left for the coyotes and weasels to eat.

Oh well, I guess the weasels appreciated my effort. :-(

UPDATE ABOUT 2 HOURS LATER: After sweating my karmic position
over this, I was given an out..... each bunny soul I killed
will get reincarnated as Bunnies in the Playboy Enterprises.
Not bad... the bunnies figure they got an easy promotion
into a human life.....and I benefit, by being able to look at them. :-)

I am not perfect yet....certain desires just keep me on earth.

2009 by zentara