Dear President Obama, why don't I have a job?

I was watching a news report today, about a little girl, who
writes a letter to the president, saying: "my dad sent out
300 resumes, (we know honest, we even had to lick the envelopes,)
and had no luck.

The President, didn't know how to reply.....but should have
Well maybe you would have better luck, if you didn't send them all
to the same address?

It's called overpopulation, kid, exacerbated by high efficiency
in machine production of goods and other words, we
don't need everyone working!!! to feed and house everyone.

Ooh kid, takes 301... tough luck...start over.

Mea Culpa Dept: ( from way back in 1980's)
I once shut down the entire Colorado State University computer system,
by submitting 5000 punch card programs to run. I overloaded their queue
I guess. I was later told that I should have incorporated the 5000
programs, into a set of subroutines, called by 1 master program.
I learned.

Boy, was my Dept. Boss pissed....they blamed him. I just said that
I thought computers did handle huge numbers efficiently, and was slightly
confused why it got overloaded?


2009 by zentara