I like to do a modified dance to Rock and Roll music.
It's like a self-defence exercise, but rythmic.
REMEMBER: If you can do it slow, you can do it fast.


The spring in the step, a twinkle in the eye,
A feeling of presence, a smooth steady high,
A balance of power in equilibrium,
Energy, quickness, and coordination.

Body and mind flow in harmony,
Vigor, excitement, pure vitality,
Muscles respond--- cut no slack,
Leap thru the air, jog on back.

Instinct, rhythm, animal moves,
We're going to win, never lose,
Push, pull, spin, let it out,
Feels so good I want to shout.

Health is a treasure, never forget,
Keeping it requires hard work and sweat,
A tough lean physique, no double chin,
Be the Master, and control the body you're in.

© copyright 1997 by zentara