The future of transportation.

The "internal combustion with pistons" design was a great advance
when replacing the horse

But now, when seeking top-efficiency and eco-friendliness,
the piston must be replaced with fuel-cell powered electric
cars, like the one just announced by Mitsubishi. Why not go
totally space-age in technology?

For large items like trucks, high-speed gas-turbines running
at 95% efficiency could more efficiently use the remaining hydrocarbon
Wants a fuel-cell powered electric bicycle. Just plug-in the
fresh butane refill, and off you go. :-)

3- wheeler versions available, but extra. ;-)

I'm done thinking.

Well, maybe one more idea....
How about miniature precision high speed gas turbines?
Little toaster sized whizzers that run super_efficiently at
high speed, constantly running a magneto, and charging batteries.

..maybe soundproofed?...but then needs cooling....
I wonder if that would approach the efficiency of a fuel-cell?
It's benefit, is it can use all sorts of hydrocarbons as fuel,
and can ultimately(hopefully) use hydrogen.

2009 by zentara