So much for the University of Michigan

No... this isn't about a giant grant to U of M....
.....its about their mascot!!

I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel,
about the origins of the wolverine.
Native lore has it that the wolverine was the cross
between a bear and wolf. !!

But the show says: reality is that they are overgrown, vicious weasels. :-(

..oO( is sort of glad he dropped out of school... ........ I feel innocent for some reason, by not having a college diploma. )

Addendummy: Apr 9,2009 :
Of course, to be fair to the U of M people, they would reply:
yeah, but remember....
we fight like overgrown, vicious weavels.

(oops, I meant weasels :-) ).

Which is why they often kickass.
Bears can beat them in a pinch by brute
overwhelming weight and force....but sometimes
the last act of the wolverine is to destroy
the attacker, with a jab to the juggler
or heart, etc.

Even a spear equiped warrior would rather let a
wolverine go, than fight a Pit Bull.


2009 by zentara