Good Ole Pit Bulls

I've been considering taking a camping trip to a wild area
up in Ontario.

I saw last night a documentary on the Discovery Channel,
about giant wild pigs that have occupied Europe
and are spreading like wildfire across North America.
All descendants of 8 pigs brought by Columbus, and recently
interbred with some kind of wild Siberian boar. (Yikes !!)

When these hogs run wild thru neighborhoods, they knock over
everything/ root-up everything / kill dogs and cats / attack people
and are 400 lbs...with razor sharp teeth. They own you.
They breed every six months and have typical litters of 6.

Luckily, the good ole Pit Bull, is the only dog that can hunt these
beasts down.

once had to hack at an attacking pit bull, with a machete,
when it was lost in my fenced yard, and charged me.

I wonder if bears scare them away. Good Ole bears....
keeping the wild hogs away, and all they ask is to ravage our
garbage cans and food stores.

As an interesting aside, I saw a news report on a swarm of
giant Python Snakes that supposedly were released from S.Florida
zoos, and pet stores during some giant hurricane. They have all
bred into a huge swarm and are moving North. They can live in the
cold as far as NY, by wintering underground.

What's fascinating, is that wild hogs are the only real predator
of the Python. So maybe Mother Nature is building an army of wild
hogs, to defend against the, as an added bonus,
the hogs are easy meat for humans.

But, we don't play by Mother Nature's rules anymore.
Wild hogs are out.... replaced by beagles. Yes, beagles
are excellent Python hunters. Yeah!

the indigenous people must have had it made with plentiful
wild boar and fish.....mmmmmm...smoked Lake Superior whitefish.


2009 by zentara