A Sunday Sermon for the first day of Spring

Conciousness is an intrinsic property of the universe.

Awareness of self, can only occur if there a time difference
between 2 points of space-time.

Any entity that can observe the difference between space-time
points, can see our thoughts. Think about that, next time you drool
over some swimsuit model.

(....Actually, the gods love watching good fantasies) ;-)

If we were all frozen in time, we would not have thoughts
because no molecular actions would occur.

So Time unfolds before us, to enable us to be aware of self,
and have free-will.

....maybe thats why we can't use "free energy" devices?
it's full of living entities and anyone of them
could take possession of the device and make it go berzerk!

... could you just turn your soul's energy pattern into
some pure 11-dimensional energy( :-) ), and just
dissolve yourself at the quark/threads level into the fabric of space/time?
You would then be a free energy being, with a free-will and probably
awareness. .....astral existence....
scary thought to be alone on the astral plane.

....come to think of it, it's more like a big party in the sky
...maybe what it is, is determined by your karma, so be good children, .........so your heaven is a happy place
... (HINT: When the lion or shark attacks, fight back with all your might).
....always fight the bad guys in your dreams
...and preferably win the fights.. bwaha :-)
... but don't freak out if you lose...just wake up.
...and use Jungian analysis to determine what
the loss means.

Or is it the best approach? Some say play dead for bears, but
bears are a whole different game from lions or sharks. Bears don't
really want to eat you, but you might be a tasty treat if you annoy them.
(The bears are coming out of hibernation now...hungry :-) )

2009 by zentara