What is synchronicity? Something is in sync, or
they are synchronous.....same in Time
But in our experience of life and Time, what are these
events that we perceive to be synchronic ;-)
in the Jungian sense..... events(or sequences of them)
form patterns in our minds that teach or communicate
with us.

.....for instance.....
why did that maniac in the
small white car, whip around a slower car, just as
you are pulling into traffic?.....happens all the Time
....be prepared.....
....expect the unexpected, but pray the expected happens
....believe in your right to have good luck. ;-)

I had an old school buddy, who once revealed the ancient secret to me
...."If you can do it slow, you can do it fast"...
.... slow down and calmly respond to situations
........you will actually react faster( for most people anyways )
.... practice action moves slowly and under full control

When synchronous events happen, that tickle your WoW-spot
that is usually human event interactions...your life is a soap opera to the gods
These human events differ greatly from earth events like volcanos.
..... usually... :-)

2009 by zentara