The Voyage of Self-Discovery

Our senses, especially how we see,
Has determined our perception of reality,
Even though the world has four dimensions,
Our brain structure has created a space-time separation.

To hunt and forage upright on our feet,
Our ancestors developed a certain brain symmetry,
The world of space-time is an insane commotion,
We had to structure space, then see time as motion.

The mundane need of finding food to eat,
Has masked our perception of true reality,
But Relativistic Theory has opened the way,
To a logical understanding of our lives these days.

In the multi-dimensional reality, earth is not a sphere,
That's only the instantaneous snapshot of of it's 4-dimensional smear,
The new seekers of truth must make a valiant try,
To see the continuum of event sequences in the mind's third eye.


© copyright 1997 by zentara