Do you believe enough in your memories, to die for believing in them....?..
......believing them to be real? Just real, not true/good or false/bad.
I do you really know that your basis for reality is valid?

This is not the Matrix. $now != $matrix;

I currently am caring for my elderly mother
and I see what dementia does to her perception
of space, time, memories, and dreams.

She often thinks she is 45 years old (actually 92), and
wonders why things have changed.
She routinely claims to be talking to her dead mother,
but I point out she was doing that in a dream, not the
real world.

from tales I'm told, the old Australian Aborigines believed
that the dream world, experienced when asleep, is actually
the real eternal world. And, that the world when we awake is actually
just a short temporary dream, that we all take turns doing doing the earth time chores.... f*#king earth duty.

but don't worry about your sanity.... we are quite far removed
from their mentality....they sleep STANDING UP, for instance. :-)


2009 by zentara