am I leaving the Solar System?
am I leaving the Milky Way?
am I leaving the world of atoms?
Is there anyone out here for me??

Buckminster Fuller once described life, in thermodynamic terms:
the anti-entropic tendency of atoms to go from disorder to order
....the opposite of the Second Law of Thermodynamics
....conciousness that wants to take form.
....dreams taking form conciousness eternal? ....can life be defined as coherent patterns in the energy fields, that display .... a "free will", that can change on their own, according to their desires/needs?

I wonder if the Sun is where the gods(high energy creatures) live?

Heat means more energetic being, right professor?
The entities in the Sun are subnuclear man, way down into the
fabric of space-and-time.

How would the planets fit in?
Mercury would be "material plane ( hot atomic matter/molecules)"
Venus would be "swirling warmth" of hot gasses. (Is that the way I see females?):-)
Earth, well you see what this is for yourself.
Mars...into the cold solidified material worlds....
......but who is to say that there are not some lifeforms
......that exist as energy patterns down at the quark/thread level.

No, this isn't a Star Trek episode....

It seems our space research is geared toward going toward the coldness
of deeper space. The real action comes from the's where the
gods live.

What would the gods do, if we (humans) suddenly popped into their
Solar Home, with technology that could withstand infinite heat and
pressure ( well ok, almost infinite
Disclaimer: there may be crashes. :-)

F*ck, I think the gods would destroy us with a giant cosmic lightening bolt
before allowing us entrance to their domains.

Luckily, we are so far from that techno-level, that we
will be around pickin apples for a long time.

Isn't their some religion like this already?

Its sort of like a neighborhood....the Sun is the center
and prime energy location. You need to go out deeper and deeper
into the coldness....the galactic frontiers where there is no
warmth...and things are almost absolute zero. Thats where the
real estate is a bargain.

Is that why they say "Head for the white light" when you die
and your soul is stuck on the astral plane?


2009 by zentara