What actually is Time?
what do you perceive in your head?
what is the difference between now and 2 seconds ago?

Time is the medium, the mechanism of transmission or flow
there is no flow without Time
there can be no thought without Time
an atom frozen in Time is identical at a later time, so no
information can be passed....no change....no information...no thought

If an event occurs in the universe, but no one was there to
experience it, did it matter?

Watch out.... the Langoliers are coming......

Time is the medium, the mechanism of transmission.

Time is a canvas upon which our
3 dimensional world is unfolded onto.
Time can be seen by viewing the instantaneous changes
in all of the infinitesmal points of 3d space.
Each infinitesimal point of 3d space, itself is an infinite
vector space...describing the current state of the various quarks,
threads, or what_have_you, at that point, at that instant.

Nothing occurs without the flow of Time
If Time is frozen (which is impossible), then
nothing occurs.

Nothing occurs..... no thought......is that Nirvana?


2009 by zentara