Many people think of the "master race"
as some pure in-breeding within a single race
The truth is that cross-breeding breeds better

all dogs will eventually revert to wolfs or dingo's
if allowed to freely interbreed. They are the survivors.

breed with Africans for speed and agility
breed with Chinese for wisdom and intelligence
breed with Whites for a sixth sense
breed with Irish for a strong liver
breed with Eskimos for cold tolerance
breed with Arabs for emotional excitement
breed with Brazillians for the "Ipanema look"
breed with Mexicans for practical intelligence
breed with Canadians for fat metabolism (years of donut eating)
breed with Americans for guilt resistance

God said to me: Joe, you jackoff, it's time you get a wife.
Choose one and choose wisely.

I said: Ok God, I want a Chinese math expert girl, I hear
there is alot of them...they have the gene for it.
Also, if possible, make her an ex-gymnast. You know,
nice tight little body.....good for exercising with.

God said: And why do you make this choice?

I replied: the world will be saved by brains, not brawn.

I'm still waiting for UPS to deliver her. :-).


2009 by zentara

P.S. My friends used to say I was the reincarnation
of Chairman Mao, because I wanted everyone to ride bicycles,
and have a nice peaceful agrarian(agriculture based) world.
Well, I'm a failure in the US, but maybe I'm seeking my
lost soulmate from China? Oh..where are you my flying dragon? :-)