This could be named " Goodbye Cruel World".


I've been around, I've been here before,
Many times I've opened the door,
My soul materializes on the earth plane,
I see suffering, frustration, and incredible pain.

Was earth a paradise a long time ago?
Have we degenerated to the point that we don't even know?
Is this all just a pipedream that my imagination construed?
Delve any deeper and my mind comes unglued.

I'm told that heaven is only a frame of mind,
To attain it, one must forgive and be kind,
It may sound cold, but I must confess,
Only fools would live in this material mess.

My mother brought a fool onto this earth,
I came for food, sex, merriment, and mirth,
Eventually you can get enough of anything,
Then you must face the true purpose of living.

Earth is a bus stop, a junction in the sky,
You choose your destination, and go when you die,
A bus stop can be fun, but don't lose your way,
If you miss your bus, it means a lifetime delay.

© copyright 1997 by zentara