I'm starting to feel my demise, and these are my thoughts.

CandyGram for Mongo

Things change after you are touched by death,
and I'm not talking about the death of family or friends,
rather the point where the Grim Reaper jabs his hand thru you,
making you fully aware of your mortality.

Gone is the youthful illusion of unlimited time,
now we count the months of suffering left,
Gone is the quick healing of minor injuries,
and pain becomes a constant companion,
Gone are the giggling girls with a twinkle in the eye,
who now wait for you to get out of the way,
Gone is being an active player on the great stage,
now demoted to a harmless passive observer.

Sounds seem far away, and nothing is important,
No need to worry whether my food is organic or not,
that wasn't what got me.... it was the INEVITABLE,
which snuck up on me un-noticed,
Now I just watch and wait, it's over, just a few pleasures left.


© copyright 2008 by zentara