Did you ever fall in love with someone who didn't feel the same
about you? I did, but unbeknownst to me she was an high-class hooker.


Somethings gone amiss, something must be said,
I feel tension between us, I'm out of my head,
it started with love and the need for a friend,
now I'm struggling to prevent an ugly end.

Looking back over time, I'm amazed thru and thru,
at the emotional whirlwind I experienced over you,
when I honestly ask myself how I feel, I cry,
and it's becoming difficult to look at you staright in the eyes.

Damn it, damn it, what is to blame,
why is the world snuffing out my love's flame,
it must be fate, but I can't take it in stride,
because with you I felt full, now I'm empty inside.

In my mind I scream, the whole cosmos hears,
everyone is laughing, but I only have tears,
what the hell is this, a paranoid plot?
I feel manipulated, a pleasure it is not.

My deep emotions can't change, but I can masquerade,
adopt a blank stare, keep my posture staid,
be like a man, it's nothing -- I can take it,
but my feelings are real, inside I can't fake it.

I hope you don't mind this bit of honesty,
it's where I'm at, hopefully only temporarily,
the hourglass continues it's flow of sand,
please lets be civilized, and at least shake hands.


© copyright 1998 by zentara