The title says it all. It is what my male spirit wants
to say to the collective human female spirit.


Beauty, peace, quiet tranquility,
the world, you and I, psychic unity,
life in the garden was pure delight,
just happiness and joy -- it always felt right.

Why did we leave, what made us try,
to imitate God and reach for the sky,
the quest of power and materialism,
did nothing but create the God-man schism.

Now we are prisoners of earth, you and I,
the wise men ponder, others just cry,
nothing is worse, nothing could be so bad,
than to know the perfection, we lost, but once had.

I love you dear Eve or I wouldn't have returned,
to the suffering of earth, it's a hard lesson to learn,
our rendevous here is more than just fate,
it's our time to end it, or to reincarnate.

Is it worth giving life another try,
will tommorrow be brighter than days gone by,
future souls await with great expectation,
for us to create the next generation.

What is the answer, what can we do,
to regain the state of grace within me, within you,
perfection is impossible after tasting of sin,
but maybe Shangri-La will take us both in.

© copyright 1998 by zentara