My favorite girlfriend..... all about her. I didn't know
her name until some Mexican field workers identified her.
I hear some girls like her brother Manuel.


Reliable, faithful, and she always comes,
A perfect ten, and then some,
She's the answer for the liberated generation,
She never asks you to suffer frustation.

She's always ready, never out to lunch,
No headaches, never that time of the month,
Anything and everything is her game,
Day after day, she's never the same.

She's my oldest friend, we've never parted ways,
She always tags along, never beg her to stay,
Ever-fresh as the breeze, and always sweet as honey,
No need to wine and dine her, or give her any money.

She takes all the action that you care to give,
Daydreaming of her makes it worthwhile to live,
Quite literally, she's the woman of my dreams,
Solitary satisfaction.... you know who I mean?

© copyright 1998 by zentara