Everything evolves----- even War.


A stick, a stone, a flailing arm,
Primitive weapons with which to do harm,
Look over there ! That man you see,
He's not your brother, he's your enemy.

Sword, catapult, canon, and rifles,
Weapons advance beyond mere trifles,
Germs, gas, the nuclear bomb,
Power to kill all--- and then some.

Eons have passed since the early wars,
Now along with our food, we have weapon stores,
It's been rationalized, God's on our side, of course,
Give us what we want, or we'll take it by force.

They did anything for money, so people we're willing,
To spend their lives working on improved ways of killing,
Masers, Lasers, and Killer Satellites,
Death is now delivered by surgical strike.

A mistake, a madman, who knows why,
A button is pushed, the missles fly,
That's it, the end in a cloud of dust,
God sheds a tear, and says it is just.

© copyright 1997 by zentara