What is in a name? ....
the origins of Zentara


The art of knowing by intuition.
You connect to the universal knowledge base and feel what is happening.
To know, but without putting it into words.
In a language of thought-- so primitive-- that words cannot be developed.
Just flashes of intuitive truth.


I happened to be in a secluded valley in Hawaii, which
contained a Tibetan Bhuddist monastery.
I was doing some volunteer work, fixing the lights
at the temple, and they wanted to reward me.
A high associate of the Dalai Lama was visiting, and
held a ceremony called the Initiation of the White Tara.
The White Tara is a special mountain flower which grows
in the Himalayas.
The ceremony confers upon the recipient the right to live
as long as is needed to achieve release from the chains
of the material world.
All the time will be granted by the universe as is needed
to learn all the necessary lessons.

It has come to mean alot to me.

I'm beginning to think that my fun-loving wicked side is what is
actually keeping me alive. ;-)
Of course, I jest, heh, heh.