Simple facts about me

--- I have alot of macrobiotic thinking in me. I grind my own grain , and like brown rice.

--- I used to exercise about 3 hours per day, and ride a bicycle for transportation.
then I was struck with some unknown malady which forces me to use a walker. I have
been hobling around for over 10 years now. It hasn't killed me yet. :-)

--- I used to be an electronics tech, but there are too many bad chemicals involved
Pay is low, unless you work with those chemicals.

--- I know computers

--- I like to garden. I especially like cucumbers, and canteloupes.

--- I'm considered quite skilled at carpentry, plumbing, and wiring.

--- I'm 68, and have never been married. I'm an old man.

--- I was raised a Roman Catholic, but now believe more in the "Krishna teachings" of Sri Prabupada, mixed with "earth-based" spirit religions. I believe I'm going to another planet when I die. This planet is full of peaceful ox farmers.

--- I like to have fun, and intoxicants are just fine with me, as long as you don't drive.
--- UPDATE: 04/19/2016 I have since learned the problem with intoxication, and
do not recommend it. I now subscribe to the 4 regulative principles of
Krishna Conciousness ... it is better to chant God's name, than to lay around
being intoxicated.

--- I don't smoke cigarettes nor cigars.

---I have lived in various places from a treehouse in Hawaii to a tipi in Arctic Alaska. I've done visits and apprenticeships on alot of farms. I've cleared and disked fields with a draft horse team, picked field corn by hand, worked on dairy farms, and was "head stall-cleaner and horse mover" on a thoroughbred horse farm. :-)
I know how to get things done.