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Installing [Lubuntu 15.04, Slackware 14.1] on [Laptop Make & C55-B5101 ]

Last updated: [Sep 05, 2015]

General Install Considerations of [ C55-B5101 ]:

I'm not digging out all the specs on these, it's very simple.
Slackware 14.1 will install, but not run because
the kernel loading of some modules gets screwed up,
due to some option, called iommu, which Slackware kernels
do not include.

But good news!! Lubuntu 15.04 installs perfectly in
a dual boot with Windows 8.1 ( which comes preloaded
on most of these laptops. All the drivers are found
and loaded. So Lubuntu works perfect, with a super easy
dual boot install. Very professional looking install.
Make sure to turn of Secure Boot in bios before installing


These Windows machines have a power saving option,
which turns off the Atheros wifi card with a hardware switch,
an actual electronic shutoff to save power. So the little
wifi yellow light goes off, indicating no power to wifi card.

If you plan on putting in Linux, be sure that when you
shutdown windows for the last time, be sure the little
yellow wifi indicator light is on. Else, linux will
not be able to turn it on, and you will have no wifi in

There is a fix I found on the internet.
Go to Window's 8.1 Device Manager:
Choose Wireless lan device.
Under power management, disable
"Allow Windows to switch off driver for device power saving".

Of course, then the little yellow wifi light stays lit all
the time in Windows 8.1, as it does in Linux.

I call this a gotcha, because I overwrote the Windows
partitons with my first install of Linux, only to find
my wifi was disabled, due to the Windows Power Saving.

I was smart enough to make the backup of the Windows 8.1
system to dvd, so I wasted an hour reinstalling Windows 8.1,
just to change that wifi power setting. Then, since a fresh
Windows was back in there, I tried Lubuntu's dual boot
option, and am pleased to report it works beautifully.

So make a recovery backup of windows.... just in case :-)
In a windows 8.1 search box, type Recovery Media, and
follow the instructions.

Hare Krishna!